About Yarn Saver

A Personal Journey into a Community Mission

Yarn Saver began as Christina’s personal quest to declutter her craft room and breathe new life into her extensive yarn collection. Known for her vibrant presence as Finarina Knitwear and co-host of the popular craft podcast Pardon My Stash, Christina sought a solution not just for herself but for every crafter facing the same dilemma: how to responsibly downsize their yarn stash while recouping some of their investment.

From Personal Collection to Public Solution

It all started when Christina’s yarn collection had grown impressively large, reaching a point where it rivaled some yarn stores in volume. Recognizing the need to downsize by half to manage her sprawling stash, she envisioned a simple, efficient solution—a dedicated website where enthusiasts could easily browse and buy from her collection, with an automated system for calculating accurate shipping costs, eliminating the need for direct contact.

Christina of Yarn Saverlooking down at her hands while working on a grey sweater.
Christina of Yarn Saver

As the website took shape, Christina’s circle of friends expressed interest in leveraging this platform to sell their own yarn, tools, and accessories. This collective desire sparked a realization: there was a genuine need for a dedicated space where the fiber community could buy and sell yarn and related items without the limitations and challenges of social media platforms and websites not designed for commerce.

Digging deeper into the concept of selling second-hand yarn, Christina uncovered a gap in the market. While some platforms accepted yarn donations, none offered to purchase yarn directly from individuals looking to declutter their collections. There also wasn’t a place to sell fiber arts specific items in a moderated environment (especially to stop spammers, scammers, and those selling products that aren’t appropriate for the fiber arts and handmade space). Sensing an opportunity, Yarn Saver was born—a testament to her initiative and a solution for crafters worldwide seeking to sell their yarn. The fact that the domain name was available for a reasonable price was an awesome bonus, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Christina.

Our Philosophy: Every Skein Deserves a Second Chance

At Yarn Saver, we believe in sustainability, quality, and community. The idea of being able to get some money back for yarn you invested in isn’t something a lot of people are willing to do these days. Christina hopes that Yarn Saver can break traditional direct donation methods and find a way to create a yarn lifecycle – buying yarn, selling unused yarn for money back, and that yarn being sold to someone else who needs it!

Unsold yarn finds a new purpose through donations to local charitable groups, supporting our mission to give back to the community.

Join Our Yarn-Saving Movement

Yarn Saver isn’t just a store; it’s a community of crafters coming together to share, sell, and discover yarn in a way that’s environmentally conscious, budget-friendly, and creatively inspiring.